Brent Arnold Gallery
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The Brent Arnold Gallery

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I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in May of 1999.  I am currently applying to graduate schools focusing in mixed media and installation.  My work has been struggling for a consistancy in concept.   Everything to this point is a version of self-portraiture, this of course being the only thing that I can safely  say I know.  It is my hopes that these issue are empathetically received by the viewers.  Please feel welcome to send an e-mail and I will gladly respond to any questions or comments.  Thank you and enjoy.

drunken thoughts.jpg (86591 bytes) Toilet paper, permanent marker, acrylic paint, beer, in a pickle jar

"Drunken Thoughts" - 10" x 6" - 1998

favorite chair.jpg (162360 bytes)   Roofing tar, my favorite chair, television set, cheese cloth on wood

"My Favorite Chair"  - 4' x 8' - 1999

QUESTIONING DUCHAMP.jpg (76593 bytes)  Motor cycle wheel, motor cycle dash, motor oil on canvas

"Questioning Duchamp" -size is  variable - 1999

handicapped blue.jpg (189688 bytes)  Acrylic paint, computer images, clothing, oil pastel on unstretched canvas

"Handicapped Blue" - 4' x 8' - 1998

versions of me.jpg (94796 bytes)  Clothing bound by aluminum wire

"Veils" - size is variable - 1998

hoof girl.jpg (212653 bytes)  Oil on canvas

"Hoof Girl" - 20" x 30" - 1998

overlaying matisse.jpg (167942 bytes)  Oil on canvas

"Overlaying Matisse" - 10" x 18" - 1998

dads hunting jacket2.jpg (232855 bytes) Acrylic paint, clothes and apron, oil pastel on unstreched canvas

"Dad's Hunting Jacket" - 4' x 8' - 1998

box.jpg (90924 bytes)  Steering column, basketball hoop, axle grease, spray paint on a box spring

"BOX" - queen size bed - 1999

greensboro and back.jpg (117488 bytes)  Tires, truck dashboard, used motor oil on canvas

"Greensboro and Back" - size is variable - 1999


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